New Sequence Break Found For Kraid In Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread players have found another sequence break in the Kraid boss fight, this time involving the Flash Shift.

Metroid games have a habit of allowing players to "sequence break", which means using tools that you get later in the game than intended to break boss fights and sections that you should have run into earlier in the game. One big example of this is found during the Kraid boss fight, which is one of Dread's earliest bosses.

In that fight, players who have managed to find the Morph Ball Bomb early are able to use it on the wall during Kraid's second phase to reveal a secret launcher that will instantly take Kraid out and result in a unique cinematic. Considering how few players will get the Morph Ball Bomb before fighting Kraid unless specifically trying to skip the fight, it's a cool interaction that harkens back to older Metroid games.

As reported by Eurogamer, the Morph Ball Bomb trick isn't the only one that can be used in the fight against Kraid. Players have discovered that getting the Flash Shift before the Kraid fight will also result in a unique way to take him on. The trick was showcased by yassu_yassu on Twitter, and shows Samus shifting into Kraid when he flashes, which skips the rest of the sequence and goes to the grabbing section where Samus can shoot missiles into Kraid's mouth.

Although you might think that these sequence breaks result in faster speedruns for Metroid Dread, they actually aren't as helpful as you might think. Getting the Morph Bomb Ball early isn't as simple as just going to another area, you've got to find it and go through some specific platforming challenges that are made harder without having the equipment you're intended to find beforehand. It's a good trick for skipping Kraid, at least.

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