New Studio, Lightforge Games, Established By Former Epic And Blizzard Developers

The world of video game studios is about to get a bit more crowded. Former Epic Games and Blizzard Entertainment developers have announced the creation of a brand-new all-remote studio, Lightforge Games. This new studio, comprised of industry veterans, is on a quest to change how the world plays RPGs.

Lightforge Games was founded by an eclectic groups of individuals with different areas of expertise within the video game world. CEO Matt Schembari, who spent more than eight years working at Blizzard Entertainment and another five years over at Epic Games, co-founded the studio alongside former Epic producer Nathan Fairbanks, former Epic programmer Dan Hertzka, ex-Blizzard artist Glenn Rane, and former marketing director for Blizzard and Epic Marc Hutcheson.

While the studio was formed a year ago, it has been relatively quiet as they work towards their goals. In speaking with IGN, Schembari spoke on how they are utilizing the collective experience of all of these veterans within the industry to make something that brings people together:

“When you look at anything from Minecraft to Dungeons & Dragons, these are games where people come together, they have shared connectedness, they’re creating a world together, they’re creating a story together in a very emergent together kind of way. These are the kinds of games we love, and we’ve got experience and expertise working on games like this. We all came together with a shared vision that we can rethink RPGs through the lens of social and creation.”

In aiming to achieve their goals, Lightforge is attempting something that hasn’t been seen much in the video game industry; a fully remote studio. In establishing the studio as fully remote, Lightforge is hoping that it will eliminate the stresses that often come with having to commute to work or the constantly-present worry that an employee may have to relocate for their job.  This aligns with one of the studio’s core values of embracing empathy by ensuring that its employees work in an environment they feel comfortable in and hopefully one that will allow them to be better creators.

With an innovative structure and focus on world-building, Lightforge definitely feels like a studio to keep an eye on in the future. You can find out more about this new studio at its official website.

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