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For a long time, New World was limited to two weapons with three abilities each. With the introduction of Heartrunes, you've now actually got six total abilities as well as an extra "ultimate" ability. You will receive your first Heartune from completing a quest, "Secrets of the Heartgem", in the new Brimstone Sands region. From there, a world of possibilities opens up.

This guide will cover the several Heartrunes in the game, as well as how to craft them and utilize them in combat.

What Are Heartrunes?

To summarize in short, Heartrunes are an "ultimate" ability that you equip like a weapon. They have a separate hotkey and are a meaningful upgrade to your power level in New World. They might deal AoE damage, or increase your damage absorption, or debuff your enemies.

These abilities are to be seen as complementary to the various builds in the game, but not overpowered enough to dictate the style of play completely. The process to actually earn the most powerful Heartrunes in the game is pretty complicated. Here's a rundown.

Every Type Of Heartrune Ability

In total, there are five types of runes, but each of these five runs comes with three separate "perk" categories. That makes for a total of 15 variations of Heartrune. However, each of those variations also has a variety of perks. This offers a whole new level of customization for your builds.

Stone Form

On activation, this rune removes debuffs and makes you immune to various crowd control debuffs for five seconds.

  • Greater Stone Form – Damage absorption is boosted by 10% while active, and you get an extra 10% damage absorption for five seconds each time you are hit (30% max).
  • Stalwart Stone Form – Damage absorption is increased by 10%, and you also heal for 75% rune damage while the rune is active, but damage is reduced by 20%.
  • Brutal Stone Form – Damage absorption is increased by 10%, but can also be activated to explode and cause 200% rune damage in a small area.

Stone Form is clearly geared towards a tank build. Getting sustainability from Mending Form in the Stalwart version of the rune is great for expeditions. There are also lots of applications here for PvP.

Grasping Vines

AoE vine attack that deals damage and roots enemies in a four-meter radius for three seconds.

  • Cunning Grasping Vines – The rune will also inflict enfeebling/weaken on enemies, reduces damage by 20% for eight seconds. Its secondary perk will heal you for 20% of damage dealt by the runes.
  • Stalwart Grasping Vines – Inflicts weaken, but also grants Fortify which boosts damage absorption by 20% and reduces outgoing damage by 20% for five seconds.
  • Brutal Grasping Vines – Inflicts weaken, but also deals Rend on enemies hit, which reduces enemy's damage absorption by 20% for five seconds, also reduces stamina regen by 50% for five seconds.

This is a great rune with a lot of CC and utility. It grants builds that don't usually have this sort of CC a new way to play. Great for Wars, OPR, and Arena all round. More of a PVP rune.

Cannon Blast

This rune will summon a cannon that fires a shot that deals 100% rune damage. This is also the first rune that you will receive from the quest.

  • Cunning Cannon Blast – Inflicts burn on hits, 10% rune damage per second for five seconds. This secondary perk also allows the projectile to pass through multiple enemies, and it has grit.
  • Stalwart Cannon Blast – Inflicts burn, secondary perk knocks enemies down by deals 30% less damage. Good for CC.
  • Brutal Cannon Blast – The shot now explodes, dealing extra AoE damage but less damage overall by 20%.

A damage-based rune, good for PvP. Out of the secondary perks, we like the look of Explosive Blast in Brutal Cannon just for that extra AoE damage in group-based PvP.

Dark Ascent

A stagger attack that deals 100% damage and stagger in a small radius. Can be activated whenever you want while you're in the air – this looks awesome, by the way.

  • Cunning Dark Ascent – Heals for 100% of the explosion damage, this secondary perk also causes slow on hit enemies.
  • Stalwart Dark Ascent – Heals for 100%, but also grants Fortify if you hit anyone with the fall.
  • Brutal Dark Ascent – Heals, but also inflicts 150% damage on enemies – this means the ability no longer staggers.

We think this will be a very popular rune for PvP or PvE. Getting free heals is always valuable wether you're in a war or soloing content. The utility of slows, Fortify, or extra damage also adds a bit of versatility to the rune.


This rune makes you detonate and causes 100% damage within a small radius. Has a short charge-up time of three seconds.

  • Cunning Detonate Rune – While charging, you get an extra 30% move speed. The secondary perk here increases damage by 15% while you are charging, but the explosion damage is reduced.
  • Stalwart Detonate Rune – Movement buff, but also heals for 50% of your outgoing damage. Damage is reduced.
  • Brutal Detonate Rune – Movement buff, but also the damage of the explosion is increased by 30% at the cost of extra incoming damage while you're charging up the rune.

Again, lots of versatility here, and we can see this being a popular rune for both PvP and PvE. That movement boost while charging means you can also use the rune to chase down players/get out of danger if necessary.

How Do Runes Actually Work?

We've gone into the details there of each rune, but not how you activate them. You can charge runes up by completing light and heavy attacks. When charged, you can then activate the ability with a unique hotkey.

How To Get Heartrunes

There are multiple levels of Heartrunes, and these must be earned by completing Expeditions and then crafting the superior version of each rune.

How To Get Minor Heartrunes

The Minor Heartrunes are earned in Expeditions.

  • Minor Heartrune of Cannon Blast – Dropped by Admiral Blackpowder in the Barnacles and Black Powder Expedition. Also crafted with 8,000 Barnacles Materia.
  • Minor Heartrune of Grasping Vines – Dropped by Alluvium Mari, the Caretaker in Genesis. Crafted with 8,000 Genesis Materia.
  • Minor Heartrune of Dark Ascent – Dropped by Isabella in the Tempest's Heart expedition. Can be crafted with 8,000 Tempest Materia.
  • Minor Heartrune of Stone Form – Dropped by Chardis in the Lazarus Instrumentality, 8,000 Lazarus Materia.
  • Minor Heart Rune of Detonate – Dropped by Heru in the Ennead Expedition (Brimstone Sands addition!), crafted with 8,000 Ennead Materia.

However, this is just the beginning of your Heartrune journey. To upgrade your Heartrunes, you need to head over to the Stonecutting table with the appropriate materials.

You will not see the option to craft a Heartrune until you have completed the quest that gives you your first minor rune.

How To Craft Major Heartrunes

Those Minor Heartrunes you've just collected from the Expeditions are just the start. You will also need:

  • 3 x Sulfur
  • 5 x Corrupted Lodestone
  • 5000 x Umbral Shards (Yes, that's per upgrade)
  • 5 x Gypsum Orbs
  • 5 x Runestone

How To Craft Legendary Heartrunes

Never fear, we're not at the end of the chain yet. Next is the Legendary Heartrunes. These are also crafted at the Stonecutting table.

  • 10 x Wooden Coin (a new material, found in Elite Chests as of Brimstone Sands update)
  • 5 x Runestone
  • 10 x Gypsum Orb
  • 50 x Vial of Suspended Azoth
  • 10 x Sulfur

As you can see, this is an extremely expensive process. You will need tens of thousands of Umbral Shards to unlock all the Heartrunes. We recommend you just focus on one or two to begin with.

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