Nier Replicant: A Child’s Final Chance Quest Walkthrough

Nier Replicant offers a large number of optional quests for players to complete, with the range of quests on offer changing between Part One and Part Two of the game. As a result, most of the quests from Part One become locked out and incompletable once you progress into the second half of the game. You can refer to our Complete Quest List to avoid missing any.

One of the quests available in Part Two is “A Child’s Final Chance”, where a woman will ask you to help her sick child. We have a full walkthrough of this quest right here so you know exactly where to go and who to speak to.

A Child’s Final Chance Walkthrough

You can unlock the “A Child’s Final Chance” quest by speaking to the Grocery Store NPC in Nier’s village. This quest becomes available once you have freed Kaine from her petrification.

The woman tells you that her child is sick, so your first task is to speak to the other kids in the village and find out what might have happened. There are three children you need to speak to in the following locations:

  • In the shopping alley
  • By the fountain near the shops
  • Atop the wall above the shops (that leads down to the fast-travel boat)

We have all locations of the NPCs you need to speak to marked on the map below.

Based on what the children have said, your next destination is the Forest of Myth. Once at the forest, head to the most north-eastern area of the map, and Nier will automatically examine a gathering spot there. The item in question is some berries that Weiss surmises are likely poisonous.

Attempt to leave the area and Kaine will stop you. She’ll ask you about the berries and even eat some. Nier will also try some and collapse. Afterward, a villager will approach you and tell you that, as Weiss suspected, the berries are indeed poisonous. He will give you an antidote to cure yourself.

Return to Nier’s village and give the antidote to the Grocery Store NPC to complete the quest and earn yourself 10,000 gold.

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