Nier Replicant: The Tangled Message Quest Walkthrough

While many of the optional quests in Nier Replicant are fairly straightforward or require you to farm various raw materials, others can involve a lot more legwork. “The Tangled Message” is an example of this, with it tasking you to run all over Facade to deliver specific messages to certain NPCs.

However, you’re only given a small clue as to where each of the NPCs you need to speak to is located, and you have to remember the exact message you need to relay to each one. We’ve got a full walkthrough right here to make the quest a whole lot easier for you, and so you can earn that 10,000 gold a lot quicker.

The Tangled Message Quest Walkthrough

This quest becomes available after the events at the Barren Temple where you have saved the King of the Facade. You can accept this quest from the NPC shown above, who is found in the middle of Facade.

This begins a chain of messages that you must relay. This first NPC will give you a clue to the next NPC and the message you must tell them, and this will continue with each NPC until the quest completes. If you make a mistake in relaying the messages, you must start from the beginning all over again.

The first NPC is “the person guarding the left side of the exit” and the message you must relay is “The Masked People respect their rules”. You can find them at the below location:

The next NPC is “he who protects the king’s left” and the message you must give him is “The Men of the Mask work for the king”. You can find him at the below location:

The next person you need to visit is “the person taking care of the children” and the message to relay is “Child care can be difficult”. You can find them here:

The next NPC that you need to find is “the southeastern guardian” and the message to give is “Only nobility may enter the treasury”. You can find this guard on the bottom level of Facade at the following location:

The final NPC you need to speak to is “the longwinded person” and the message is “Quicksand”. You can find them at the below location:

After delivering your final message, you will re-appear at the quest giver and the quest will complete. Your reward is 10,000 gold.

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