Nier Replicant: Where To Catch A Dunkleosteus

Fishing is a great little feature in Nier Replicant as it offers a good way to earn some gold. You’ll find yourself fishing quite a bit to complete various side tasks that ask for specific fish, and none of these quests are as important as the “Fisherman’s Gambit” quest chain.

This quest series increases your fishing skill each time you complete one of the tasks, allowing you to catch rarer and more valuable fish. To unlock the “A Round by the Pound” achievement/trophy, you need to catch all 15 fish available in the game, but they’re not all easy to catch.

The Dunkleosteus is one of these rare and hard-to-catch fish that you’ll need to land for the accolade, and we’ve got all the information you need right here.


In order to have a chance of successfully landing a Dunkleosteus, you will need to have completed at least eight of the “Fisherman’s Gambit” quests as even at maxed out fishing skill (all nine quests completed), this fish is hard to land.

These quests can be accepted by speaking to the old man by the docks in Seafront, the same one who gave you your fishing rod. The first five quests are available in Part One, but the latter four cannot be started until you are in Part Two. If you miss any of the quests in Part One, they will still be available in Part Two.

We have a full walkthrough of the “Fisherman’s Gambit” quests right here.

Where to Find the Dunkleosteus

Once you have sufficient fishing skills, you can catch the Dunkleosteus by the Seafront Docks, either those close to the “Fisherman’s Gambit” NPC or on the eastern side of the map.

You need to use sardines as bait in order to attract this particular fish, but it’s a very rare catch regardless, so you might be here awhile. The good news is, if you run out of bait while attempting this, then you can simply fish for more sardines using lugworms at the same location.

Blue Marlins will also be a regular catch here, but don’t be fooled by those. You will know when you have a Dunkleosteus on the line as even with the highest fishing skill it will feel as though the HP gauge is barely depleting, even when you have it in that sweet spot.

If you need any fishing tips, please refer to our Complete Fishing Guide.

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