Nier Replicant: Where To Get Mouse Tails

If you’re playing Nier Replicant, you’ll find yourself needing to hunt down plenty of raw materials and items for various quests, or so you can upgrade your weapon. Some of the requested items are pretty hard to find, such as Mouse Tails, which are required to complete the quest “The Ballad of the Twins” (you’ll need five in total).

If you’re having trouble tracking down some of these elusive rodents, we can tell you exactly where you need to go. Just below you’ll find where and how to get some Mouse Tails, with a handy map with marked location to make it super easy to get your own.

Where can I find Mouse Tails?

Mouse Tails can be obtained by catching mice. Similar to catching lizards, mice are fast-moving and will attempt to run away when you get near. They can be hard to spot, but once you are close enough, a white arrow will appear to show where they are.

In order to catch mice, you need to get close enough for the arrow to turn yellow and then press the interaction button to claim your coveted Mouse Tail.

Where can I find Mice?

Mice can be found in the Junk Heap: Outside map area, and there are two that spawn here in the following locations:

  • Next to the postbox
  • Just before the entrance into the Junk Heap: 1F

The spawn locations are shown on the map above. You can leave the area and re-enter to make the mice respawn so that you can farm as many tails as needed.

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