Nintendo Announces Pokemon Scarlet & Violet-Themed Switch OLED

Ahead of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's November 18 launch, Nintendo has announced a themed Switch OLED, though it doesn't come with either of the games.

It arrives on November 4 with a dock featuring both motorcycle legendaries and controllers with each game's logo. And in-line with the box art, the controller pairs red with purple for the left and right joy cons respectively.

The back of the Switch is also coated in purple and red stickers of the new starter 'mons and other in-game logos and symbols, spreading out to the back of the joy cons.

Nintendo announced this themed Switch with a teaser following Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's newest trailer which was jam-packed with reveals. We saw all-new titan 'mons, the rival team Star, knight-ly 'mons, and more. There's even a giant musical tank complete with huge speakers and a disco ball, while the whole trailer has a notebook aesthetic with torn-out drawings of characters complete with scribbled names and doodles.

Themed Switch OLEDs for Nintendo's flagship games seem to be the new standard as we just got one for Splatoon 3. It had a similar reveal with colours matching the game's, coming in purple and green. It also had art fittingly splattered across the joy cons and console back, complete with a case. It also came with a themed Pro Controller, making it a perfect excuse to upgrade your hardware.

Pokemon news has been flooding out ahead of its November launch as only last week, Nintendo gave us a look at another new 'mon, Grafaiai. Much like the trailer, they're stylistic, as they can leave markings behind on trees and rocks, able to spray graffiti that changes based on the berries it eats. The name comes from mixing graffiti with aye-aye, which it's based on.

Splatoon 3's Switch OLED retailed for $359, whereas the Switch OLED typically retails at $350. Nintendo has no plans to raise the price amidst news that the PS5 would be, so it's a safe bet to assume Pokemon will retail somewhere in that ballpark.

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