Nintendo Eshop Is Having A Bethesda Sale With Doom Eternal 50% Off

From April 2 to April 15, Nintendo is offering Bethesda games up to 50%-off as part of a Spring Sale. This is also the first time that Doom Eternal has gone on a sale, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the game for just $29.99.

Nintendo is no stranger to sales, but games that are priced at $59.99 don’t often go for 50% off, especially if they came out a few months ago. Releasing on December 8 for Nintendo Switch, Doom Eternal quickly rose to popularity in the eShop. The game is only available digitally, so if you are the type that likes to buy physical versions, you won’t be able to add Doom Eternal to your collection.

In addition to Doom Eternal, Nintendo is also offering other Doom games, Skyrim, and Wolfenstein games. While these can be purchased for other consoles, the Bethesda sale is only happening through Nintendo, so this is a great time to add to your Nintendo Switch collection. Older Doom games are already pretty cheap, but now you can get them for as low as $2.49. Skyrim is also a pretty old game, and most of us probably own it already, but if you don’t have it on Switch, then this is definitely worth it. There is Switch-exclusive content, like a Legend of Zelda outfit and weapon set.

In total, this sale includes ten games, which averages out to about $335 total. With this sale though, you can get all of them for around $165. This is an incredible deal, and definitely a reason to purchase all ten of them. Remember, the sale ends April 15, so head over to the eShop today.

Interested in playing Doom Eternal, but aren’t quite sure yet? Check out our review, as well as guides provided by TheGamer. New DLC for Doom Eternal dropped on March 18, but unfortunately, we can’t play this on Switch just yet. The Ancient Gods Part One and Part Two are available to players on PC, however, there is no confirmed date for the Switch release. With this sale, we can only hope to see them soon.

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