Nintendo Has Given Its Official Island A "Facelift" In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Not only has Nintendo graced us with our own dream island to design in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but the company has also given us access to its official island too. Nintendo first debuted its island last year, but it was recently tweeted that the island has since received a “facelift,” welcoming islanders back to take another tour.

‘Ninten Island’ was revealed to the public late last year, and we had to take a trip there ourselves. Representative Nina was on hand to present the impressive expanse – including a vast barbecue area and Japanese-themed pockets – accompanied by Nintendo-related items like red mushrooms and race cars. We compared the tour to entering Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and one visit wasn’t enough to take in every detail. Nintendo is now welcoming back islanders to its revamped island for round two, which has a host of new features.

Nintendo shared four screenshots of its updated island, sporting a few items from the recent Sanrio collection. Nina was back to showcase the fresh additions, standing in front of an Isabelle cutout and then sitting on a crescent moon surrounded by Easter eggs with Wendy. Spring is certainly in full bloom on Ninten Island, going by the amount of brightly colored flowers everywhere. Nina’s bedroom was also on show, featuring many kawaii items, including adorable posters of residents. The redecoration does appear very Easter-themed, but the island’s pastel aesthetic still holds the charm of a wonderland.

Back in March, Nintendo added the Island Tour Creator to gameplay, allowing islanders to craft promotional posters and videos to invite other players to visit their island. This tool was an innovative way to get other islanders excited about traveling, and also allowed you to promote your unique architecture. The limited-time feature will be available until the end of the year, giving you plenty of time to build the ideal promotional pack for your visitors.

While perfecting the island, the team at Nintendo also had a mystery to debunk when a strange house appeared in a screenshot for the new content update. Fans flagged the mysterious house because its design did not match anything in the game’s inventory, but Nintendo was quick to issue an apology for the mistake and replace the house with a new background.

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