Nintendo Switch Has Almost Sold 70 Million Units, Is Close To Outselling GBA/3DS

Nintendo‘s latest financial report has been released and the Switch’s new sale figures have almost put it ahead of the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo 3DS.

The Switch has been incredibly successful for Nintendo, following the lackluster years of the Wii U. The 2020 COVID lockdown saw a huge spike in sales for the system, with the Switch having the best-ever console sales in US history in August. The system has faced stiff competition from the PS4, but the hybrid handheld/home console gimmick has made it an essential purchase for many gamers around the world.

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Nintendo’s latest fiscal report has given us updated figures for sales of the Switch. The Switch has sold 68.30 million units to date, putting it within spitting distance of outselling the 3DS’ 75.94 million units and the Game Boy Advance’s 81.51 million units.

While the Switch hasn’t outsold those two systems in terms of consoles, it has beaten them in software sales. The Switch has sold 456.49 million units, while the 3DS sold 385.12 million units, and the Game Boy Advance sold 377.42 million units. The sales of titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons have been a huge part of the Switch’s success over the past year, and have contributed a great deal to those figures.

The Switch is poised to have a huge 2020 holiday season, despite a lack of upcoming new releases. The fact that most people are unable to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X means that they’ll likely look to the cheaper alternative, of which there are plenty in stock. Once the holiday season is over, there is a good chance that the Switch will have surpassed the 3DS and Game Boy Advance in sales. If that happens, then the Switch will be up against the three best-selling Nintendo systems of all time: the original Game Boy, the Wii, and the Nintendo DS. If the Switch can beat any of those three, then it will have earned its place among the pantheon of greatest Nintendo systems of all time.

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