Nintendo Switch Update Reportedly Bans More Words From Usernames

Nintendo’s latest Switch firmware update is mostly focused on general system stability. But it also appears to ban several words from being included in usernames, many in response to current world and American political events.

Modder OatmealDome (via Polygon) found the Version 10.2.0 update added the terms KKK, slave, nazi, and ACAB to the banned list, all terms related to current racial protests in America. It also banned terms related to the pandemic, coronavirus and COVID. Polygon reported that it found these words were met with a warning message, but the acronym “BLM” was still allowed.

In June, Nintendo joined several other games industry companies in putting out statements of support for the racial justice protests inspired by the killing of George Floyd.

“Nintendo shares the pain felt in the United States after the tragic death of George Floyd, and we stand with the Black community and all those who recognize our shared humanity and fundamental belief in equity and justice,” the statement read. “We reject bias, exclusion, oppression, and and the violence that leads to these completely unnecessary deaths. We are committed to fostering equity, inclusion, and diversity in all aspects of our business and the work we do.”

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