Nintendo Will Pull All Physical Mario 3D All-Stars Copies From Its Tokyo Store On April 1

Nintendo is really serious about not selling Super Mario 3D All-Stars after March 31, 2021. A new report from Video Games Chronicle has confirmed that the Big N will be pulling all physical copies of the Mario compilation from its Tokyo store on April 1, 2021. This goes against what Nintendo of America has recently said, which is that any unsold copies will remain on store shelves until they are gone.

Going a step further, Nintendo is also set to remove any tangential merchandise related to Super Mario’s 35th anniversary on the same day. I guess Mario really is dying because I’m struggling to figure out the reason why. I can accept that the digital version was some limited-time offer (as ridiculous as that is), but what is happening with the physical goods that aren’t sold? Are they going into an incinerator?

At least other Japanese retailers aren’t following suit. You may not be able to get Mario stuff directly from Nintendo following Mario’s death, but other outlets will be following the same plan as in the US. There won’t be any additional stock, but those stores will continue to sell the game and any other merchandise until it’s all gone…you know, like a business that wants to make money.

It remains to be seen what will happen with these titles once Nintendo removes them from the eShop. Will we see individual releases for each game instead of a compilation package? Will Super Mario Galaxy 2 ever get any love? I’m just not sure why Nintendo thought going the Disney route was a solid idea for its company mascot.

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