Nintendo’s 1-2 Switch Sequel Is Reportedly So Bad That No One Knows What To Do With It

If you cast your mind back to the launch of the Nintendo Switch, you were playing either Breath of the Wild or 1-2 Switch. While not the worst thing in the world, 1-2 Switch was criticised for being pretty barebones for a $50 release, and no amount of cow milking minigames could save it from the discount bin. However, Nintendo apparently was quite happy with the game's sales, happy enough to reportedly greenlight a sequel called Everybody's 1-2 Switch.

Although, according to a report from Fanbyte, this sequel has reportedly received such harsh feedback from playtesters that Nintendo no longer knows what to actually do with the game. Nintendo was apparently hoping to market the game towards families with children, but that exact demographic allegedly found the game quite boring and tedious. The localization team even began to refer to the game as "Horseshit" in shorthand as a reference to its Jackbox-esque host simply called Horse.

Trusted employees at Nintendo were even reportedly concerned that the game may damage Nintendo's reputation if it were to ship as a full $60 release. Fanbyte's sources are now pretty conflicted as to what Nintendo is actually going to do with this potential disaster, with some claiming the game will launch as a full-priced product, while others claim it could be given out for free to Nintendo Switch Online users in a similar way to the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing: New Horizon DLC packs.

We don't know what Nintendo is going to do, but we do know that it doesn't plan on scrapping the game entirely. Fanbyte's sources claim that the game will release in some capacity, and are optimistic that feedback will be listened to and the game will be improved before launch. Just because a game tests badly doesn't mean the game will be bad forever, and its likely that Everybody's 1-2 Switch will be reworked behind the scenes. Just no cow milking competitions this time around Nintendo, okay?

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