Nomura Hints That Final Fantasy Remake Part 2 Might Feature An Overworld

Tetsuya Nomura has shared the first update on Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, hinting that it might have an open overworld and a “different atmosphere”.

The hints came from a live stream showing off footage for the upcoming battle royale spin-off Final Fantasy: The First Solider. As translated by Audrey on Twitter, Nomura said that he knew people would be asking about the progress on Part 2, and asked Yoshinori Kitase if he could give news on the game, but was denied due to how many people would have to be consulted.

Although he wasn’t allowed to say much, Nomura confirmed that development was going smoothly and that he’d seen Cloud “running around a lot of nature”. He also said that the “atmosphere will be quite different from Part 1”.

These are some incredibly minor hints, but they’re actually the first concrete bit of information that we’ve gotten about the game so far. Nomura’s comments here also seem to be referencing an overworld, as Final Fantasy 7 players will remember the Grasslands area that is just outside of Midgar. That would definitely tie into Cloud running around a lot of nature. His comments on a different atmosphere also seem to be hinting at a big formula change, which could well be the inclusion of an overworld.

All of this makes it seem like Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 will be following the original game’s formula a bit more closely and including an overworld. There’s a possibility that these areas will be more scripted and have the player going through them like they did Midgar in the first part, but it seems more likely that Square will go big with Part 2.

Nomura also revealed that Final Fantasy Remake Part 2 will take place directly after Episode Intergrade, which is curious as the story of that game seems to take place in the middle of Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s story. This seems to hint that by the end of the episode, we might see Yuffie catching up to Cloud and the gang.

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