Nvidia RTX 3080 Preorders Were An Epic Mess

Another day has dawned on gaming creation, but many PC enthusiasts aren’t too happy about it. The exclusive “founder’s edition” of one of Nvidia’s fancy new GPUs, the RTX 3080, was set to release at around 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET at online outlets like Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg. Unfortunately, it appears that very few consumers were able to actually order a card, which has led to a significant amount of gamer rage on Reddit and elsewhere.

A popular thread on the PC gaming subreddit alleges that the card was never available on Nvidia’s own site. Several commenters say that they refreshed the page at the exact instant of the card’s release, only to be immediately greeted with “out of stock” notices. Other users reported not receiving emails about the card’s availability until more than an hour after launch. According to PC Gamer, traffic from the event temporarily took down the servers of Overclockers, Novatech, and Newegg.

When asked about the shortage, Nvidia gave the following statement to PC Gamer: “We are seeing unprecedented demand for the RTX 3080. We have been in production since August and are making them as quickly as possible. Our NV team and partners are shipping more every day to etailers & retailers.”

Meanwhile, eBay listings for the RTX 3080 have ballooned well past the card’s asking price of $699.99, with several listings reaching more than $10,000. (As several outlets have noted, these bids might not be genuine, since users can cancel them.)

A report from Chinese outlet Commercial Times (translated by Twitter user @chiakokhua) indicated that supply of the new 30-series GPUs would be constrained due to a global parts shortage and the ongoing coronavirus crisis. It appears that has come to pass, at least in the short-term. At least we have memes.

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