Oculus Quest vs Oculus Quest 2: A Picture Comparison

Facebook has now officially announced the Oculus Quest 2 standalone headset, upgrading the popular original which is just over a year old. Whilst not radically different the new device has been plucked and preened to be smaller, lighter and generally more aesthetically pleasing to attract more customers to the platform, as you’ll see in the following images.

The design of Oculus Quest 2 has been known about for several months now as Facebook hasn’t managed to keep details under wraps very well. Right from the off, Facebook has gone for a visual overhaul, offering a far more striking white and black two-tone design instead of the usual all-black monoliths all of its other headsets have been.

Oculus Quest 2 is smaller in all respects, its width a fraction narrower whilst the height and depth even more so allowing Facebook to reduce the weight from the original’s 571g down to 503g. All that outer fabric has now gone so there’s just a plastic outer casing but the form is improved thanks to the strap arms which also house the audio lightly tapered in.

And gone is the hard headstrap in favour of a lighter, more adjustable elasticated soft strap. All of this should ensure players will have a more comfortable experience when playing for long durations, although the battery life remains the same. Checkout VRFocus’ specification article for more info.

It’s not only the headset which has been through the design process, the Oculus Touch controllers have also be given a slight makeover. Keeping with the two-tone styling the controllers now have an expanded face to easily rest your thumb on – much like the Oculus Rift controllers. Note the image with the open battery compartment which no longer features magnets. The new clasps now make the compartment harder to open – a grievance with the last model – great for intense sessions on videogames like Beat Saber.

Enjoy perusing all the images and check out the rest of VRFocus’ Oculus Quest 2 content including the hardware review, the available accessories, all the new videogames and what’s happening with Oculus Rift S. For further Facebook Connect coverage, keep reading VRFocus.

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