OlliOlli World’s Final Expansion Takes To The Skies November 2

OlliOlli World's second expansion, Finding the Flowzone, will be releasing November 2 and will take players into the skies of Radlandia, complete with "Windzones" that boost you around and can even let you change direction mid-skate.

Finding the Flowzone was revealed through the official OlliOlli Twitter account, alongside a PlayStation Blog post that gives more details on everything that's coming with the expansion. As the sea shanty in the trailer implies, Finding the Flowzone appears to have a sky pirate theme, with several atmospheric explorers looking to find the Gail Force, who seems to be the Skate Goddess of the skies.

As was the case with Void Riders and its introduction of tractor beams that keep you suspended in mid-air, the highlight of the DLC pack here is the "Windzones". These clouds of wind are shown off in the trailer and have a different effect depending on where the arrow is pointing, either boosting the player along the track, changing their direction, or letting them slam at a much faster rate.

Another new feature of the DLC that's highlighted in the PlayStation Blog post is the introduction of Burly Routes, which are described by the developers as being for "players who are better than me at this game". It sounds like they'll be offering the biggest challenge that OlliOlli World has seen yet. Alongside these new routes are several cloud-themed outfits and accessories, similarly to what we got in Void Riders.

The PlayStation Blog post ends with a message from the team at Roll7 thanking everyone for their support on OlliOlli World. Jemima Tysen Smith, a writer at Roll7, said, "The team has all worked amazingly hard on this, and I know I’m not alone in saying that I can’t wait for you all to get your hands on these awesome new levels. We’ve been totally blown away (pardon the pun) by how friendly, vibrant, and supportive the OlliOlli community has been, so I want to say a big thank you to everyone who’s played the game so far, and to all of you who are excited to play Finding the Flowzone."

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