Overwatch 2: 10 Best Maps

While its roster of more than 30 heroes may be its main selling point, Overwatch 2's matches wouldn't be nearly as fun without its variety of maps. From the streets of New York to the chaotic wasteland of Junkertown, each map offers an exciting new battleground for players to compete on.

Overwatch 2 offers a variety of new maps, especially for its new Push game mode, but it also features some changes to its older maps. With plenty of great maps, this list ranks the best of the best that you wish you could get every time in ranked.

10/10 Dorado

Dorado takes the heroes of Overwatch to Mexico, and anybody who has played the original game is intimately familiar with this map. From its chaotic city streets to the inner facility it moves into, this payload map provides great opportunities, whether you're on attack or defense.

Dorado hasn't received many changes in Overwatch 2, beyond its new color palette. The map is now cast in sunlight, rather than taking place in nighttime. Still, Dorado is a classic escort map that's great to learn on for beginners, and no sweeping changes are needed to make it any better.

9/10 Esperança

One of the new maps for the Push game mode, Esperança takes Overwatch to the streets of Portugal, fighting it out on in a city that gradually inclines upward. Not only that, but it has many high-up spots that allow players to claim the high ground.

This creates a dynamic environment that's especially good for flankers and snipers. Whether they're using one of the many entrances and hallways, or claiming a high bridge on the map for themselves, you should always be sure to stay on your toes.

8/10 Lijiang Tower

Another returning map, Lijiang Tower takes place on a Chinese skyscraper with a view of the city below. This map appropriately provides many opportunities to push other players off cliffs, regardless of which variant you're on. Lúcio players, rejoice.

The map has seen a change from nighttime to early morning, making it easier to appreciate all the sights. Otherwise, Lijiang Tower still holds up as an excellent control point map. Its points are designed to be circular regardless of where you are, ensuring you'll meet up with an enemy player sooner or later.

7/10 Junkertown

Junkertown, as featured in Junkrat and Roadhog's excellent cinematic, returns to Overwatch 2 in all its glory. Attacking players must escort a cart of jewels and gold that's not-so-subtly booby trapped with dynamite, while defenders have to protect the Junker Queen's home turf.

Now that the Queen herself is playable, she can finally protect her own home or even besiege it. Otherwise, Junkertown is largely untouched, but it's still a great map. From the surrounding deserted city to its bustling interior, it's always a map you'll be happy to see.

6/10 Colosseo

Another new Push map, Colosseo takes you to the famous Colosseum to duke it out in Rome, Italy. The map starts around the exterior of the Colosseum, where you'll be fighting over the robot while the distant sounds of gladiatorial combat encourage you on. Just don't ask how the giant robot fits in.

The map gets really interesting, though, once you've moved into the surrounding city. The robot must push underneath a bridge before circling around and passing over that same bridge. This forces both teams into confrontations where they're constantly fighting over the high ground and low ground simultaneously.

5/10 Blizzard World

Blizzard World is exactly what it says on the tin; a theme park filled with attractions themed after Blizzard's various properties. Warcraft, StarCraft, Hearthstone, Diablo, Heroes of the Storm, and even The Lost Vikings, all get shout-outs that should make any Blizzard fan happy.

Even beyond all these properties, though, Blizzard World is just a fun map to play on. It's filled with tons of nooks and crannies that allow for engagements to happen all over the map. This dynamic design makes it chaotic, but never frustrating to play on.

4/10 Ilios

Ilios is one of Overwatch's all-time classic maps thanks to its vertical design, variety of entry points, and beautiful Greek design. Of its three variants, the one that stands out the most is Well, thanks to a massive hole in the center of the map that you can knock other players into.

Matches on Ilios often turn into chaos, due to the lack of choke points, but that's not a bad thing. It forces you to stay on your toes and keep on the lookout. Experienced players should thrive in this environment. The change from midday to a sunset has only made this map all the more beautiful.

3/10 Paraíso

Players finally get to go to Lúcio's home in Brazil, and it fully lives up to expectations. Paraíso is full of bright colors and amazing vistas that make you wish you were there in real life. The beach, with its view of skyscrapers and mountains in the distance, is one of the most beautiful sights in the game.

The map is no slouch as a competitive location either, with the attackers moving from the initial control point into the city. The narrow city streets, filled with color and graffiti, provide plenty of opportunities for flankers – be sure to keep a watch for them.

2/10 Midtown

Taking place in New York, midtown is filled to the brim with taxi cabs, fire trucks, and police cars that make it feel almost entirely abandoned. This makes it a perfect playground for Overwatch, though, as you get to fight it out in a wide-open map.

Midtown feels like it came from another era, with a design inspired by the early 1900s of America and New York in particular. You'll feel this especially when you get into the Grand Central Terminal, with its brown and orange colors and dimmed lights.

1/10 Eichenwalde

Whether old or new, Eichenwalde is still among the best of the best of what Overwatch can offer. The map takes place in an abandoned town in Germany, overgrown with nature. There's a certain somberness to it as you fight through the city with the payload.

The changing locale in Eichenwalde makes every match exciting, starting in the cramped outskirts and moving into the more open inner city. It reaches its apex as the attackers move into the crumbling fortress, ending off in the grand throne room. Thematically and graphically, Eichenwalde stands tall.

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