Paper Beast PC VR vs PSVR Graphics Comparison

Eric Chahi’s sensational VR safari, Paper Beast, is finally out on PC VR headsets. How does this version stack up next to the PSVR original? Find out in our Paper Beast graphic comparison.

Stacking up this week’s new PC edition of Paper Beast with the existing PSVR version is a funny one. If anything, it’s a fantastic showcase of what a great job Pixel Reef did with the original console iteration. Running on a standard PS4 in the video below, Paper Beast looks practically identical placed next to PC.

You’ll probably notice that the console version does appear a little blurrier (again, this is on a base PS4, and not the PS4 Pro).

Primarily, though, this is one of those times that the differences don’t really start to show themselves until you get into the headset. The reduced screen-door effect from 2019-era headsets really helps bring this incredible virtual ecosystem into greater focus. Animals are more convincing and vivid, and it’s easier to spot the impressive environmental effects littered throughout. I loved watching the already-incredible land deformation at work in PC VR, where it felt smoother.

That said, the major difference here is the addition of smooth locomotion for the PC VR version. Pixel Reef says the PSVR version of the game won’t be getting this support and it feels like a shame; teleport is still a great way to experience Paper Beast, but the subtle movements afforded by smooth locomotion are an added bonus.

If you have access to PSVR and a PC headset, then, the PC iteration of Paper Beast is definitely way to go. That said, you won’t really be missing much on PSVR and, given that this is still one of the best VR games of the year, we’d implore you to seek it out.

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