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Annoying as it may be, it’s basically a child’s job to obsess over presents. After all, they are a child. Well, one mom on the AITA subreddit took it upon herself to do the same, and our jaws are actually on the floor over it.

Her 7-year-old recently celebrated his birthday with some classmates and his 12-year-old neighbor. The tween gifted her son a “doll-type thing” that glowed and made noises with the push of a button. Word on the street (read: in the comments) is that the post originally said “cheap doll-type thing” but mom must have gone back in and cut that snub out.

When she and her son opened the present after the party, her kid was happy, but she was less-than-thrilled. The doll-type thing had a cracked shoulder.

The horror!

“[The next day], I showed [the 12-year-old] the broken part and lightly scolded him,” she wrote.

A commenter was quick to jump in and share an “immutable law” of Reddit: “If OP claims they did something ‘lightly’ or ‘gently,’ dear reader, they did not.” Absolutely. The unearned adverb is just a ploy to make themselves look more sympathetic.

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