Pickaxe Mining Simulator Codes (January 2023) – Roblox

Welcome to Pickaxe Mining Simulator! This Roblox game is all about collecting powerful pickaxes, mining special ores, and unlocking rare pets via eggs. There are various zones and worlds to explore. New pets are added alongside updates, so there will always be something new to unlock and explore.

We check for new Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes daily. The game is still very new, so we expect lots of codes to come as it breaks its first like milestones. Stay tuned for freebies!

We added these codes on January 2023.

Pickaxe Mining Simulator Codes





Free Crystals, Boosts

Active (NEW CODE)


Free Crystals, Boosts



Free Crystals, Boosts



Free Crystals, Boosts



Free Crystals, Boosts


Roblox codes are case-sensitive which just means you have to enter the codes carefully, because the numbers, punctuation, and capital letters all need to match.

How To Redeem Codes In Pickaxe Mining Simulator

  • Once in-game, hit the Shop button on the left menu
  • On the bottom menu, click the Twitter icon (that's the blue bird!)
  • Enter the code

You will receive a positive notification if the code has been successfully redeemed. If the code throws up an "Invalid" message, the code has either been entered incorrectly or it has expired. Check back soon for other new codes.

What Are Pickaxe Mining Simulator Codes?

Mining Pickaxe Simulator codes are free rewards handed out by the dev team at Pickaxe Boy Games. Typically, they can be redeemed for free crystals (needed to purchase eggs and other upgrades in-game), and for boosts to how much currency you earn while mining ore. New codes are added alongside like milestones and updates, so check back whenever some new content has been dropped in the game.

How To Get More Codes

Codes are typically posted on Twitter or on the game page itself, although if you want to easily access all the codes in one place, you can check this page. We check for codes daily which saves you time.

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