Players Can Use Defeated Pokemon During Dynamax Adventures In The Crown Tundra

The Dynamax Adventures quest in the Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield will allow players to use defeated foes and turn them against their allies.

In Pokemon Sword & Shield, there are Pokemon Dens all around the Wild Area that are home to Dynamax Pokemon. Players can take part in Max Raid Battles, where groups of four can work together to take on Dynamax Pokemon in battle and try to catch them. The Dynamax Pokemon are no slouch on the battlefield, as they can take multiple turns, protect themselves with barriers, and remove stat upgrades.

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The Crown Tundra is bringing back Legendary Pokemon and hiding them in Pokemon Dens. Players can explore Pokemon Dens in Dynamax Adventures, which involve consecutive battles against Dynamax Pokemon, before they get a shot at the Legendary waiting at the end. New details about Dynamax Adventures have been revealed in VG247’s preview for the feature, and players can use defeated foes as allies.

You won’t have a chance to use your own Pokemon in Dynamax Adventures. Instead, players will have to choose between a selection of random Pokemon. Any damage or status effects inflicted during battle won’t be healed between bouts, but players do have another option on the table. One of the players can use a Pokemon that was defeated during the Dynamax Adventure. Multiple players can try to select the Pokemon, but it will be randomly assigned to one of them.

The ability to use a defeated Pokemon will make the Dynamax Adventure a little easier, as battling through several Pokemon before reaching the Legendary is going to be very difficult. Game Freak has made things a little easier by guaranteeing that you will catch a Legendary Pokemon once you defeat them for the first time, but just reaching them and taking down is going to be a tricky task. The ability to use defeated Pokemon will also give players a chance to try out creatures that they might never have used before, let alone brought to a Legendary fight.

The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield will be released on October 22, 2020.

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