PlayStation 5’s Demon’s Souls is also coming to PC (and other consoles eventually)

Sony wants to get the PlayStation 5 off to a strong launch, and it’s turning to a reliable partner to make that happen. Bluepoint Games, a developer with close ties to Sony, is remaking beloved cult classic Demon’s Souls. And Sony Interactive Entertainment showed more of that game in action as part of its PS5 Showcase event today. But you won’t need a PlayStation 5 to enjoy Bluepoint’s work. Demon’s Souls is also coming to PC, according to its trailer. It’s also only console exclusive to PlayStation 5 for a limited time.

Demon’s Souls was originally a PlayStation 3 game from 2009. Its infamy has only grown as more fans discover the Souls games from developer From Software. Dark Souls was From’s breakout hit when it debuted in 2011 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Since Dark Souls, From has grown a huge following. But many of those gamers have found it difficult to return to Demon’s Souls — especially because of its online features that rely on other human players.

Bluepoint’s remake, however, will give fans of Dark Souls and Bloodbourne a chance to experience the first Souls game under more ideal scenarios.

While this is one of a number of key releases for PS5, it’s good news that it’s also making its way to other platforms. From’s audience is also mammoth on PC, and those players won’t have to wait. Xbox players are getting left out — but only for now.

“[Demon’s Souls is] not available on other consoles for a limited time,” reads the fine print in the game’s trailer. “[It’s] also available on PC.”

So Xbox players should get to join in on the fun eventually.

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