PlayStation Accidentally Sent Someone A God Of War Ragnarok PS5 Bundle

A little more than a week to go until it's officially here, and God Of War Ragnarok leaks are already rife. Don't panic, you won't find any here, and as has already been officially confirmed, retailers selling the game ahead of launch are behind the info getting out. However, it appears PlayStation probably needs to be a little bit more careful too.

Ragnarok will be the third PlayStation exclusive to be sold as part of a PS5 bundle, arriving on the doorsteps of those who have ordered them on November 9, the game's release date. However, Rasheeda Smith sent social media into something of a tailspin this week (thanks, Push Square). Smith revealed she had been sent a Ragnarok bundle by accident, attaching a photo as evidence.

“Idk what's going on with this but I ended up getting mine from Sony today and it's GoW Ragnorok,” Smith tweeted. Not only a big mistake by PlayStation since it arrived more than a week early, but it wasn't even the bundle Smith ordered. She had been waiting for the Modern Warfare 2 bundle which would have been on time since the Call of Duty title launched last week.

The good news for PlayStation and Ragnarok's creators in this instance is even though she had been sent a copy, it's unlikely Smith has actually been able to play Ragnarok early. The bundle comes with a code rather than a physical version of the game, and that code will probably translate to a pre-order rather than a download if entered prior to November 9.

There hasn't been confirmation of that one way or the other since the PS5 bundle wasn't for Smith. It was for a friend who she has now sent the console on to, even though it came with the wrong game. As for those of you who will be receiving copies of Ragnarok on November 9, as PlayStation and Santa Monica intended, mute those keywords and be on the lookout for spoilers, they're all over the place right now.

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