PlayStation Now games update could share shock feature with PS5 unavailable on PS4

There’s a chance that PS Now and the PS5 will share an exciting new feature that has yet to be made available on the PS4.

And while it may not help sell consoles outright, upgrading the PlayStation Now platform alongside launching a new console sounds like a recipe for success.

2020 will see the release of another big game streaming service which will most like compete with PS Now.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud is being made free as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundle.

This will make it possible to stream around 100 games to phones and other compatible devices later this Summer.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that Sony are working on their own new feature to make the PS Now service more enticing.

According to TweakTown, a Sony patent has been updated recently to include some juicy new details.

In a move to make legacy games more interactive, the PS5 console and PS Now service could allow for older games to offer segments that work as playable demos.

This means that users could cut up chunks of PS1, PS2 and PS3 gameplay and share it with friends.

It’s unclear how far these editing tools would let you go, but it seems that if this feature was launched, it would be available to use on PlayStation Now.

The feature could function like a video clip, but instead of just watching the gameplay, you could experience it yourself.

The patent description posted by TweakTown reads: “In one embodiment, a method is provided for creating a playable limited version of a video game and executed by a user of a complete version of a video game.

“For each of a plurality of user-defined portions of a recorded game play of a user, for each of the user-defined portions; Continuous array of each of the playable portions of a video game to define a defined version of a video game based on user-defined portions, creation of a playable portion of a video game based on defined boundaries, and limited version of a video game.”


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The patent was reportedly updated on June 10, meaning that it has only recently surfaced.

It should be noted that other streaming services are planning features like this, so it wouldn’t make it exclusive to PS Now.

Google Stadia has started to launch its new “Play Now” buttons in videos this week, making it possible to jump into your own game.

Google also confirmed that two other interactive features will be coming to Stadia this year, with a recent post adding: “Soon, you’ll be able to play with your favorite Creator while the world watches with Crowd Play.

“As the action unfolds live on YouTube, you’ll be able to join in and fight alongside (or against) Creators in Dead by Daylight, or take them on head to head in Super Bomberman R Online.

“With the other upcoming Stadia Enhanced Feature, Crowd Choice, you’ll be able to vote alongside other fans on YouTube and take control in games like Dead by Daylight. Choose whether the Creator is Victim or Killer, and pick which Killer they’ll play.”

So while this new feature wouldn’t be completely unique, it would certainly provide a reason to hold onto your PS Now subscription if you were thinking about binning it in the coming months.

It would also help the tech giant utilise its back catalogue of games and help boost interactions with its products.

As ever, things like this need to be taken with a pinch of salt, as a patent doesn’t guarantee the idea ever becomes a working feature.

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