PlayStation Poland Holds Contest To Recreate Returnal’s Helmet, Results Are… Interesting

Housemarque released its brand-new PlayStation 5-exclusive title Returnal a few days ago, and as a fun marketing ploy for the game, PlayStation Polska asked players to make their own Returnal-inspired helmet. The helmets have to be crafted from whatever materials can be sourced around the house, and winners will get a copy of the game to keep.

We’re very glad that PlayStation Polska did this, and once you have a gander at some of the interesting outcomes yourself you will no doubt agree.

The competition was held on Facebook on the day of the game’s launch, and it didn’t take long for folks to start getting creative and posting their inventions in the post’s comment section. If you can’t already guess, what we’ve see so far is absolutely hilarious. We’ve gathered some of the best here for your convenience.

One of the most popular so far seems to belong to this gentleman below, at least in part because of the look of sheer defeat in his eyes. He knows he ought to feel a bit disappointed in himself for all this.

Then, while a few others opted for a simple and handy hoodie-plus-pot-lid combination, another dude came up with whatever this other thing is involving a pipe and what I thought was a kind of toilet seat at first glance.

We especially like this next guy’s decision to re-use and recycle, whilst keeping within the PlayStation 5 theme. Simple is often best!

They didn’t stipulate that animals weren’t allowed to participate, so…

Some folks did actually try though, so kudos to them. Note the electric toothbrush below.

The competition is still going to be open for a few days more, so the folks at PlayStation Polska will probably be receiving a whole lot more intriguing specimens to sift through in that time. Personally, we hope the cat wins.

You can get your hands on Returnal now exclusively on PlayStation 5. If you haven’t already, you should also check out TheGamer’s review of the game here.

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