PlayStation Store Sale Puts Classic Rockstar Titles And… Uno Under $10

The next generation of gaming is almost here, but not all of us can afford that. The sad truth is that many families will struggle this holiday season, and giving a new $500 console for Christmas isn’t possible. Even if it was, the future of $70 games is daunting. Since all the big games are getting delayed into 2021 anyway, you might as well catch up on some old favorites. The PlayStation Store’s latest sale has that covered.

A new batch of sales is labeled simply “Games Under $15.” It joins the currently-running Halloween sales and a half-off discount on PS Plus as reasons to stay with PS4 for the time being.

As the title says, the games are all under $15. But many are discounted further to be $10 and under. We Happy Few, a game that had potential but fell a little flat, is on sale for $9.59. Classic GTA titles – III, Vice City, and Sand Andreas – are all around $10. Bully and The Warriors are at $9. You can also pick up Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for $10 and Saints Row IV for $5.

These sales wouldn’t be complete without a few oddball inclusions, usually click-and-find games and digital versions of tabletop games. Uno is one of those inclusions this time. You can get Rayman and Just Dance themes for Uno, because apparently those exist.

These offers end on November 11, so act now to get your Just Dance Uno skin.

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