Pokemon: Every New Legendary That Was Introduced in Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was a game that introduced a ton of legendaries. In fact, gen four introduced nine new legendaries, many of which were in the games without the use of future DLC. With remakes of these DS titles now coming out, more and more trainers are trying to familiarize themselves with which creatures were available in gen four in order to make the perfect team to take on the competitive scene when the titles drop later this year.

This makes it a bit hard to keep up with since there are already over 890 Pokemon and 59 legendary Pokemon, many of which are made up of the Pokemon in the list below.

9 Palkia

Palkia is the featured Pokemon for Pearl and is a water and dragon type Pokemon. This creature has the ability to distort space which becomes a major plot point in the story of the game. Palkia lives in a separate dimension from the Pokemon world and rarely emerges from it.

He can be summoned, and doing so has the possibility to end the world as players know it. Because of this, Palkia is considered extremely dangerous to own.

8 Dialga

Dialga is the main legendary for Diamond and is a steel and dragon-type Pokemon. Dialga is the Pokemon that has the ability to distort time, which can be devastating to the natural order of the Pokemon world. Dialga constantly travels through time, and its heartbeat is said to be linked to time passing.

This Pokemon is also summoned in the main story of Diamond to attempt to restart the world by going back in time and rewriting history.

7 Giratina

Giratina is the third Pokemon in the Gen four trio and is the cover Pokemon of Platinum. Giratina is said to be a violent Pokemon that was sent away in order to save the world. He lives in another dimension and is able to watch the Pokemon world that is incredibly distorted.

In the series, Giratina is responsible for stopping Cyrus and taking him to the distortion world in order to stop him from abusing Dialga and Palkia. Whether this actually makes Giratina a hero or more of a villain is up to the discretion of the player.

6 Heatran

Heatran is a post-game legendary that lives deep inside Stark Mountain. Heatran is a fire and Steel-type Pokemon that can walk on most surfaces thanks to its cross-shaped feet. This Pokemon prefers to live in volcanic caves, and its blood is said to be as hot as magma.

While Heatran can cause volcanoes to erupt, he doesn’t play a role in possible world destruction like Groudon, who is also associated with volcanoes.

5 Cresselia

Cresselia is a gentle Pokemon that appears in post-game Diamond and Pearl. Cresselia is a psychic-type that roams around Sinnoh and is rarely seen by trainers. Cresselia is often associated with joyful dreams and drops a legendary feather called the lunar wing that can heal those being tortured by Darkrai’s nightmares.

Cresselia tends to appear on Fullmoon Island at the same time of year that Darkrai starts causing trouble for Sinnoh.

4 Azelf

Azelf is known as the bringer of willpower and can be found at Valor Cavern, where it helps to bring balance to the world. Azelf is a Psychic-type that is rumored to give the people of the world determination to overcome obstacles, especially when it gets close to them.

Azelf is one of the easier-to-catch legendaries in the game but won’t be available until after the Elite Four are defeated.

3 Mesprit

Mesprit is a psychic-type Pokemon that flies off into the Sinnoh wild after being discovered. Due to its roaming nature, it can be tough to capture for trainers who don’t come prepared. Mesprit is known for controlling emotion and helping to keep the Pokemon world’s emotional balance in check.

The Pokedex even states that when it flew, it gave humans the ability to feel emotions in their hearts.

2 Uxie

Uxia is the last member of the lake trio and also a psychic-type Pokemon. Uxie can be found in Acuity Cavern, where trainers can challenge it to a battle. This Pokemon is said to be the being of knowledge and helps the world to progress through intelligence.

In many ways, Uxie is responsible for helping the Pokemon world to evolve to the modern age and make catching Pokemon possible.

1 Regigigas

Regigigas is a normal-type Pokemon with a ton of interesting lore. Regigigas was responsible for making the titan trio and is even said to be able to control them, which is a huge accomplishment for any legendary. It is also rumored to be the Pokemon that moved around the continents, according to the Pokedex.

Regigigas is able to give life to new creatures and possibly played a hand in making the different regions as trainers know them.

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