Pokemon Fans Are Just Realising Delibird’s Sack Is Actually Its Tail

Christmas might be a distant memory at this point, but one of Pokemon's most festive creatures has managed to upset a surprising amount of people on social media. Delibird isn't exactly one of the franchise's most memorable Pokemon, what with it not having any evolutions and being rather useless in battle, but it's turning heads due to one of its features that a lot of people seem to have overlooked all these years – it's little Christmas sack.

First shared by Twitch streamer GamesCage on Twitter, they share their disbelief over the fact that Delibird's little sack from which he pulls out adorable Christmas presents during battle is actually his tail rather than something he carries around. It wouldn't be particularly noteworthy if it was just one Twitch streamer that didn't know, but the creator's tweet has exploded and the replies are filled with similar people who had completely no idea.

GamesCage's tweet was then shared on gaming forum ResetEra, after which another large group of people admit that they had no idea this cute little penguin was actually carrying around its tail this entire time. There does seem to be just as many people pointing to Delibird's Pokedex entries over the years though, suggesting that quite a large amount of Pokemon fans out there have never caught a Delibird, or simply don't read their Pokedex.

Granted, you don't often get to see the back of Delibird very much and penguins don't have huge bushy tails in real life, but this overlooked info goes all the way back to its Pokedex entry in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. It explains that "Delibird carries its food bundled up in its tail," with this same description appearing in multiple games since. It seems like not a lot of people have even bothered to catch a Delibird over the past 23 years since it was introduced, which is a little sad considering all he wants to do is spread Christmas cheer.

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