Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Battle Modes Reveals Ranked, Casual, And Online Competitions

The Battle Stadium will return to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Previewed at last weekend’s Pokemon World Championships, the new Battle Stadium in Scarlet & Violet will be much the same from Sword & Shield, with casual, ranked, and official competitions along with the ability to use your friend’s Pokemon instead of your own.

Each of Battle Stadium’s modes are outlined on the official Pokemon website. First, there’s Casual Battles, where results aren’t recorded and fights are merely for bragging rights. Ranked Battles will affect a players rank, with battle results recorded and trainers sorted into skill tiers. The topmost Master Ball Tier will only include the best Pokemon battlers from around the world.

Next we have Friendly and Official Competitions. Friendly Competitions can be set up by players to allow for a bit more structure to Casual Battles. The results won’t affect your rank but Friendly Competitions can be good practice for the real thing. Official Competitions will be sanctioned by the game devs and task trainers with competing in tournaments with varying rules.

In Sword & Shield, these competitions were either Singles or Doubles, although only Singles was shown in the recent battle trailer.

Rental Teams also return from Sword & Shield, allowing players to let other trainers borrow their battle teams by inputting trainer IDs. You can either borrow someone else’s team or put your hard-earned Pokemon up for use by trainers looking to build experience.

The most recent Battle trailer revealed several new Terastal forms, including Coalossal, Brelloom, and Tyranitar. It also revealed an all-new Pokemon for Scarlet & Violet: Cyclizar, a new mount Pokemon that you can ride like a motorcycle. It's also a Dragon/Normal-Type that can use the new Shed Tail move that allows Cyclizar to both substitute and swap with another Pokemon on your team on the same turn.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet arrives November 18 this year, and next year the World Championships will be held in Yokohama, Japan. Be sure to start training as soon as you can to be ready by the time Worlds comes around again.

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