Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Final Trailer Reveals Great Tusk And Iron Treads

What will likely be the final trailer before Scarlet & Violet launch next week dropped today, and with it came the reveal of two more new Pokemon. Two new monsters that resemble elephants which will apparently go by the names Great Tusk and Iron Treads.

The two new Pokemon are shown off at around the 2:30 mark of the new trailer which you can check out below. A fellow trainer flips open a book to show you a sketch of Great Tusk before it transitions into live footage of the pretty big new beast. It then transitions back to the book to show Iron Treads before switching back to the trailer so that a close-up of the real thing can be shown off.

Although the trailer doesn't hint at the new Pokemon's names, Serebii quickly revealed what they will be known as shortly after the trailer went live. The site also explained that trainers will be tasked with investigating the two new Pokemon using details from the books shown in the trailer. As for the early reactions from Pokemon fans to the new additions to the Pokedex, there's no denying which pre-existing Pokemon Great Tusk and Iron Treads appear to be connected to.

Both look a lot like beefed-up versions of Donphan, but there's no telling for sure what that connection will be just yet, if there's even a connection at all. It's possible that the two are evolved forms of the elephant Pokemon, but more likely that they are paradox versions of Donphan. It's believed Scarlet & Violet will incorporate time travel in some way and seems likely that Great Tusk will be a part of Scarlet, which seems to take place in the past, and Iron Treads in Violet's future.

That might well be it when it comes to official reveals until Scarlet & Violet officially launch on Nintendo Switch on November 18. For those who simply can't wait another week and a half, there are plenty of leaks out there to tide you over. Earlier today, images of what appears to be Fuecoco's evolved form found their way online.

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