Police Confirm That Streamer Keffals Is No Longer A Suspect In Mass Shooting Threats

Police have confirmed that Canadian political streamer Keffals is no longer a suspect in mass shooting threats made in early August. A statement from London Police Services also confirms that they are treating the incident as an instance of swatting, and are attempting to identify the individual who made the initial threat.

This comes shortly after Keffals, real name Clara Sorrenti, was woken up "with an assault rifle in [her] face" on August 5. Police had received threats from a third party claiming to be Keffals, stating that she had killed her mother and was planning a mass shooting. Keffals was arrested and had her possessions confiscated until the police were satisfied that the threats did not originate from her own devices.

"As a result of further investigation, we do not believe that the threatening emails received by City Hall officials originated with Ms. Sorrenti," reveals police chief Steve Williams. "We believe there was a deliberate attempt by a third party to place suspicion on Ms. Sorrenti in relation to what are now believed to be false threats to harm people at City Hall.

"With this determination made, Ms. Sorrenti was released unconditionally from custody and all of her belongings have been returned to her."

The police also comment on allegations that Keffals, who is transgender, was deadnamed and misgendered during the swatting incident. They stated that this was because Keffals' records had not been updated, despite her having been openly trans for at least a decade, and running in two elections under the name Clara Sorrenti.

The statement does not address Keffals' claims that her family had requested she be placed on a "no swat" list, only to have their concerns dismissed. It also doesn't comment on the streamer's pledge to take legal action against the police services.

The incident has attracted widespread attention, with New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh issuing a statement of support. "Trans folk, and especially trans activists, deserve the freedom to make themselves heard. Not to be doxxed and SWATed, arrested at gunpoint, and deadnamed repeatedly", says the opposition party leader. "No one deserves this. Support trans activists – support Keffals."

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