PS5 demo kiosk is not related to pre-orders says Sony

A widely circulated image of a PlayStation kiosk at Currys PC World has nothing to do with the PS5, but if it doesn’t when do pre-orders start?

It’s a big week for Microsoft this week, with the Xbox Games Showcase due to take place on Thursday, but it’s less clear what the next steps are for Sony in unveiling the PlayStation 5.

They’ve already had their own showcase of PlayStation 5 games but there’s still the vital questions of price, release date, and… getting a go on it yourself.

When Sony first announced the PlayStation 5 they said they wouldn’t be going to E3 and would instead have ‘hundreds’ of consumer events around the world, which is obviously a no-go in a post-coronavirus world. Or is it?

The photo appears to have been taken at a Currys PC World store and while it seems unlikely anyone would be creating a new PlayStation 4 display at this point in the generation there doesn’t seem to be any PlayStation 5 branding on the kiosk.

While it’s true that sometimes video game companies lie, if this was some kind of major initiative on the part of Sony you’d expect to see identical set-ups appearing at multiple stores.

If the image is unrelated to the PlayStation 5 it means the question of how stores are going to handle next gen demos remains unanswered, since having hundreds of potential customers all touching the same controller seems like the last thing you’d want to do with the coronavirus around.

There’s also the issue of pre-orders, which Sony has still not started despite constant rumours that the PlayStation 5 is only going to be available in limited stock this year.

During the recent livestream demo of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, Sony exec Eric Lempel told Geoff Keighley that, ‘We’ll let you know when pre-orders will happen. It’s not going to happen with a minute’s notice’.

He says that, but it’s currently late July and the PlayStation 5 is almost certainly going to be released in November, so that’s barely four months to go and we still don’t know how much it costs or what it’s like to play…

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