PS5 Trophies revamp starts tonight on PS4 with new 999 level cap

Sony is giving its Trophies system an overhaul, ahead of the launch of the PlayStation 5, and it all begins this week.

The PlayStation 5 will be out in less than two months from now but even if you don’t intend to get one its launch will still be felt on the PlayStation 4.

Sony has announced that changes to the Trophy system will increase the maximum level from 100 to 999. But rather than keep your current level it’ll be scaled up automatically, with Sony using the example that if you’re currently level 12 you’ll be somewhere around 200 after the update.

The update will be applied tonight in the US and early morning in Europe, with the implication being that the new system on the PlayStation 4 will be the same as the PlayStation 5.

The changes are outlined in a new post on the PlayStation Blog, with the idea being that you’ll quickly fly through the early levels and from then on will see consistent progress instead of being stuck at any one level for too long.

Platinum Trophies will also contribute more to your level progress, so that you get more of a reward for obtaining them.

At the same time, new Trophy level icons will be introduced that are designed to show how close you are to levelling up.

The blog confirms that Trophies earned on previous consoles will carry forward onto the PlayStation 5, so you won’t lose any progress from upgrading.

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