PS5 UK stock: GAME pre-orders reportedly to open tomorrow

After the last batch quickly ran out, a PS5 stock tracker account is convinced that GAME is opening pre-orders again tomorrow.

Whenever new PlayStation 5 stock becomes available, it always feels like it will be an eternity until the next lot arrives. But, after some retailers released new stock only last week, it appears that it may be appearing more regularly for the time being.

According to a popular PlayStation 5 stock tracker account on Twitter, retailer GAME is expected to open pre-orders again as early as tomorrow, February 23, since it apparently has updated its website to say that the console will become available on March 8.

This comes only less than a week after the last lot of GAME stock. On one hand, this could be a sign that the PS5 is becoming more easily available, but GAME itself hasn’t confirmed the new stock and, therefore, there’s no indication of what time it will be available. Hopefully, GAME will do what it did last time and make pre-orders available in the early afternoon.

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