PS5 Will Make Dust Removal Much Easier Than Previous Consoles

For all its qualities, it’s not uncommon for people’s launch-era PS4s to sound like a jet engine every time they turn it on now, partly because it’s difficult to clean out any accumulated dust that has built up inside the console. This is true of any vented system, but the PS5 is introducing a very helpful new feature into its design–a “dust catcher” that makes it easy to regularly clean your system out.

In Sony’s teardown video of the PS5, two holes on the console are shown off. These are the dust catchers, where any dust collected by the system’s fan is filtered to. This means that getting rid of the dust in your system–and avoiding a horribly loud fan–is simply a matter of vacuuming them out of these holes.

Removing dust from a system can often be a finnicky job, so this is good news.

The outer facade of the system will need to be removed to access the holes, but as the teardown shows, this is not a complicated procedure. This hopefully means that a launch-model PS5 will have a longer life than has been the case with some previous systems.

The video also highlights the disc drive in the PS5 (if you don’t opt for the digital-only version), which features double insulation to keep down vibration and noise. Hopefully, the PS5 will be a quieter console than the PS4.

The PlayStation 5 begins its international rollout on November 12. Here’s our complete launch guide for Sony’s new system.

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