Quest 2 Fits In Quest 1's Case, But Its Controllers Don't

Here’s your healthy dose of hard-hitting investigative journalism for the week – you can’t use the original Oculus Quest carrying case to house the new Oculus Quest 2. Or at least, you can’t house Quest 2’s controllers.

Earlier this week we reviewed the new Quest 2 Carrying Case, which is a stylish and sturdy build. But people in the comments asked a question we were yet to ask ourselves: does Quest 2 fit in the existing Quest carrying case? Facebook’s new headset is smaller than the original and, sure enough, it quite easily sets down inside the original case. At least it does with the original strap on.

Put either the optional Elite Strap or Elite Battery Strap on, though, and you won’t be able to fit Quest 2 inside the original case. Even if you just have the normal strap though, Quest 2’s newer, bigger controllers don’t fit inside the case and allow it to close so, unless you’re thinking about carrying those separately, this isn’t a viable option for you.

Oh and if, for some reason you were wondering if you could put the Quest 1 inside the Quest 2 case? The below picture answers your question (yes).

Well there you go. No getting around this one I’m afraid; if you want a Carrying Case for Quest 2, you can’t rely on your old kit. Fortunately, the new Carrying Case comes bundled with the excellent Elite Battery Strap, so you could view that as a sort of freebie. Well you could if it didn’t cost $129 for the set, anyways.

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