Rambo Visits Vvardenfell In This Morrowind Mod

Full disclosure, I haven't seen Rambo, but I have seen the Always Sunny episode mocking it, and I can tell you one thing – Rambo would kill it in Morrowind. Like Jiub, he's a topless one-man army, and that's exactly what Vvardenfell needs right now.

Unfortunately, we don't get to play as Rambo. Sylvester Stallone's character returns as an NPC, complete with his signature red headband and quiver of arrows, even featuring voice lines ripped right from the movies. Unfortunately, that means he'll fight you if you push him and he's a tough SOB. "You're really a loser", he says as Micky D swings a mace into his cranium. With each blow, he even lets out a Stallone grunt, which fits perfectly in the low-quality fuzz of Morrowind's dialogue.

Micky D uses a paralyse effect to freeze Rambo in place, so all he can do is scream and scream and scream while he's wailed on until he flops to the ground. It weirdly fits Morrowind's aesthetic, though I'm not sure what race Rambo is – Nord seems fitting, given his getup, but he could easily be a Breton. Rambo uses magic, right?

Unfortunately, Rambo doesn't have a big LMG that he one-hands while fighting off Cliff Racers, which makes him a bit easier to take down. Granted, his face is spot-on, which is doubly impressive for a 2000's game like Morrowind. Now, all we need are the rest of the '80s action stars, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis.

It's not the first time Rambo has appeared in a video game, funnily enough, as he even cropped up as a playable character in Mortal Kombat 11's DLC. And what's more, it's Stallone himself voicing him! That's two games where you can now hear Stallone grunting when you punch him. Or hit him with an axe. Or throw fireballs at him – hell, you can do that in both.

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