Razer Kaira And Kaira Pro Review: Xbox Play Anywhere Just Got The Perfect Headphones

The defining characteristic of Microsoft’s next-gen strategy is the Xbox Play Anywhere feature. Through Game Pass and xCloud, the Xbox ecosystem is accessible across PC, console, and mobile devices. The Razer Kaira Pro is a wireless headset that really embraces that philosophy. It has features that support the idea of “play anywhere” in a way I’ve never seen before. The Kaira Pro is the perfect companion for the Xbox family and, perhaps, the only headphones you’ll ever need — gaming or otherwise.

Listen Anywhere

What makes the Kaira Pro so special is the features and design elements that truly make it the one pair of headphones for any occasion. They connect to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S using Xbox Wireless — an exceptionally intuitive feature that’s been around since the Xbox One and, honestly, gives the Microsoft console a series advantage over the competition. With the press of a button on the Xbox and the headphones, the Kaira Pro will pair with the console almost instantly. No menu navigation, no awkward Bluetooth connection.

When you’re ready to move over to PC, you can connect the headphones using the same Xbox Wireless adapter you probably already have for using Xbox controllers with Windows 10. They run about $25 and are a great wireless investment if you don’t have one, otherwise, the Kaira Pro will also connect to a PC via Bluetooth.

Finally, the Kaira Pro is just as capable as a mobile gaming headset by connecting via Bluetooth. If you have to walk away from your Xbox you can switch right over to your phone and take your headphones with you.

Versatility And Reliability

The other major feature that really impressed me is the dual microphone. The Kaira Pro has a removable, adjustable boom-mic with a really exceptional pickup pattern that’s once of the best sounding Xbox microphones I’ve heard, but when you head out the door with your phone to play on the go, you probably don’t want the boom-mic sticking out of your headphones. Cleverly, Razer added a second, internal microphone next to the boom-mic port. You can still use voice chat while you game on the go. It won’t be the same high-quality sound that the boom-mic offers, but it’s a feature that no one else seems to be even considering. It’s nice to have, but more than that it really drives home how much thought Razer has put into the Play Anywhere mentality.

The Kaira Pro is packed with versatile features like that. While playing on Xbox using Xbox Wireless, the headphones can be connected both wirelessly to the console and to a phone through Bluetooth. Now you can use discord on your phone to talk to your cross-play friends in Apex while listening to the game audio on your headphones. When you get a phone call, the game audio will mute so you can use the headphone to take the call, then automatically resume when the call ends. The ability to connect the headphones to two devices simultaneously creates so many unique ways to use the Kaira Pros and practically ensures that no matter what your use-case is, these headphones will work for you.

Finally, in terms of versatility, the Kaira Pro is just an incredibly rugged and durable headset. The Kaira is a brand new product line not based on any other Razer headphones and it’s abundantly clear they took the time to design a new headset that can survive active gaming in and out of the house. The Kaira Pro uses a mix of thick, flexible plastic, foam padding, and metal hinges to form a lightweight, comfortable, but surprisingly strong headset. I really like that the removable foam earcups and the fact that they fold flat so that they can be packed in a bag or backpack easily. I’ve used a lot of Razer gear over the years, and the Kaira Pro seems to be the most durable I’ve ever seen.

Kaira Vs. Kaira Pro

We took a look at both versions of the headsets and the differences are pretty significant. While the form and build quality is essentially identical, the non-pro version is missing all of the Bluetooth features that make the Pro such a fantastic compliment to the Xbox ecosystem.

This means that the Kaira can not be used for chatting with friends in Discord while playing Xbox, it can’t be used to play Game Pass on a mobile device, and the only way you can use the headset on a PC is with an Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10. This also means the microphone isn’t removable (and there’s no secondary mic) which I typically would prefer, but it isn’t retractable either.

The price difference between the Kaira and the Kaira Pro is about $50, and a case can certainly be made for saving the money if you 100% know you only ever want to use the headset to play Xbox. Both versions are phenomenal for gaming on Xbox, but I would encourage you not to limit your options. The best thing about next-gen Xbox is the ability to play where and how you want to, and the Razer Kaira Pro is the perfect compliment for any Xbox or Game Pass player.

A Razer Kaira and Kaira Pro were provided to TheGamer for this review. You can learn more about the new Xbox headsets on the Razer website.

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