Red Dead Online: How To Farm For Blackcurrants

Plants, plants, and more plants. Red Dead Online is basically an entire ecosystem of flora and fauna that you can choose, or choose not to, interact with to make your experience in the old west that much more realistic and immersive. But, if you’re somewhat of a completionism and don’t want to leave those daily challenges left undone, you will eventually be forced to go out hunting for plants rather than outlaws from time to time. One such plant, the Blackcurrant berry, might not be found where you would first think. Rather than wander the dusty trail for days looking for these sweet little berries, check out how to farm for Blackcurrants with our guide.

How To Farm For Blackcurrants

Before we get to the type of environment and locations Blackcurrants like to grow, you need to know what you’re looking for first. As we already mentioned, Blackcurrants are a type of berry, which means they grow on bushes. These are about medium height, green, and will have the small back berries growing from the stalks. They are very thin bushes, almost looking more like young trees than bushes. Make sure not to confuse them with actual Blackberries when researching, because these are found in very different places.

While you might think a berry like a Blackcurrant would grow in an area near a water source, or at least in a more lush environment, that is not the case with this tough little plant. These plants grow in the brightest, hottest, spots in New Austin away from most water sources.

The first place you should ride out to when farming Blackcurrants is to the North of Tumbleweed in Gaptooth Ridge. Wander through the flatlands here and keep your eye out for the tall bushes the Blackcurrants grow on.

If that location comes up dry, or you pick it clean and need some more, they also grow around Cholla Springs. Ride up North from Mercer Station and you should come across them as you make your way into the Cholla Springs region. As always, regardless of where you’re looking, Eagle Eye is your best friend. This is especially true if you’ve never gone after Blackcurrant before and don’t know what the plant looks like yet, or if you’re out late at night and need a little help picking out what plants you can interact with in your line of sight.

While you’ve got some Blackcurrants on hand, for a quest or not, you can also use them to craft a couple of useful items. Two of them plus two Indian Tobacco can make a Special Snake Oil to refill your Dead Eye, or if you gather up six and craft them with six Yarrow and Burdock Root you can even make a Special Miracle Tonic that fully replenishes your health, stamina, and Dead Eye. Don’t underestimate these tough little berries.

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