Remedy Entertainment Is Working On Yet Another New Game

It’s been revealed that Remedy Entertainment has yet another game in the works, although this one is in the “very early stages.”

The developer recently made its first-quarter business review open to the public which contains comments made by Remedy CEO Tero Virtala. In the review, Virtala explains that pretty much all of the developers on Control have moved onto other projects, including a “new, exciting early-phase project.”

Virtala then confirms that the game is separate from other previously announced projects in the works and that the project is in the “very, very early stages.” There’s currently no news as to what this mystery game could be or whether it’s being published by Remedy itself or a third party.

With this announcement, it’s now confirmed that Remedy has yet another game in development. It was revealed back in March that the studio had at least five games in the works, two of which are to be set in the same universe as Control and Alan Wake. We also know that Remedy has single-player modes for CrossfireX and Crossfire HD in the works as well as a free-to-play co-op game called Vanguard.

As for what Remedy could possibly be working on in regards to the Control/Alan Wake universe, it was recently rumored that the developer is currently working on a full-blown sequel to the original Alan Wake. Remedy had allegedly approached several publishers with a pitch for Alan Wake 2 which led to a bidding war that Epic Games ultimately won. This is just a rumor at the moment but was given a bit more legitimacy after it was shared by industry insider Jeff Grubb.

It’s looking like we’ll be waiting a pretty long while before we hear any news about this new project, but Remedy does have several properties that it could capitalize on. Seeing as though the project is in the very early stages, it could possibly be a sequel to Control or even maybe a follow-up to Xbox exclusive Quantum Break. It could also be a completely new IP which would also be quite exciting. Only time will tell.

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