Resident Evil Village: Everything You Need To Know About Mother Miranda

Resident Evil 7 was a very welcomed game that presented a bio-terrorism story with a twist that made it fresh enough to make players curious without forgetting what Resident Evil is about. With that story, Capcom presented new characters, organizations, and villains. Resident Evil Village expands on the previous game’s lore and concept. It provides yet another familiar but new atmosphere with compelling new characters and a sinister story.

Behind this story, we have a very fleshed-out villain with a comprehensive motivation. Mother Miranda is a memorable, nuanced, terrifying character that most likely will join the hall of the greatest villains in the series.

7 She Was An Accident

Miranda was born in the 19th century in Eastern Europe. About 10 years later, the Spanish Flu got to the mountainous region of the village where she lived. Her daughter became sick and passed away not much long after. While wandering the wilderness and grieving her daughter Miranda, found a super-organism which was later named the Fungus Root.

This super-organism infected Miranda. It was then that Miranda started to become something else. The super-organism ended up causing her to have memories that did not belong to her. They were memories of the long-deceased people who have contacted this very same micro-organism.

6 She Was Much Smarter Than Anyone Can Imagine

The concept behind Miranda is one of the things that has such a scary magnitude that people sometimes fail to grasp. She had the knowledge of many lifetimes added to her own life. That means new knowledge and many voices other than her own inside her mind.

Thanks to the Fungal Root, she had memories that did not belong to her. The deceased people whose memories she received are not specified. However, it is pretty clear that she went from a simple villager to a cunning scientist with the intellect of a genius.

5 She Never Gave Up On Her Daughter

It might have been pure megalomania or maybe she was overwhelmed. There was a world of possibilities that the Fungus Root had shown to her. It was an experience that opened her mind. One way or another, Miranda’s plan seems to have always been to find a way to get her daughter back. She experimented on many people as she wanted to figure out a way to bring the consciousness of her daughter back to her.

It seems that Miranda believed that by giving her daughter’s memories a proper vessel, she would be effectively resurrecting her deceased daughter. With that mindset, she did everything in her power to advance her plan. And she never seemed to care about those who would suffer from her attempts.

4 She Used The Fungus Root To Become A Religious Figure

Miranda was seen by the villages as something like a high priest or even a messiah. However, it is not like the villagers had any choice on that. She used her knowledge of the super-organism she had found and its mold in order to gain control over the village. She could influence many thousands of villagers with her newly acquired powers and knowledge.

As Mother Miranda, she would offer her blessings and protection to the villagers. Posing as a sacred being that brought blessings and a better life, she experimented on the same people she said she would protect.

3 She Caused All The Mutations

Every single weird thing that happens in the village had her influence behind it. While experimenting on the villagers, she went through many successes and failures. The Lycans (werewolf-like creatures) are a clear example of an undesired outcome of her experiments. She successfully created the Cadou — a genetically engineered parasite. It was created by exposing a nematode to Mold.

After her failures, she eventually found four individuals who were successful in bonding with the parasite. They were Donna Beneviento, Salvatore Moreau, Karl Heisenberg, and the one with a memorable, scary entry, Lady Dimitrescu. Each of them had a unique mutation, but neither were considered potential vessels for Miranda’s daughter.

2 She Was Behind The E-Type Bio-Weapon

At some point, a crime syndicate called The Connections approached Miranda. She ended up giving them the Mold and her daughter’s DNA. Both things were eventually used to create the E-Type Bio-Weapon, Eveline. Although Eva’s DNA was used to create Eveline, Miranda was not happy enough with the results to consider Eveline a good host for Eva.

Perhaps Miranda knew before everybody else that Eveline was unstable. Knowing what she had passed on or not, Eveline would eventually infect many people and cause a great number of deaths.

1 She Is Very Powerful Due To Her Mutation

Miranda went through a significant mutation that made her extremely powerful and also dangerous. Miranda seems to have an immortal lifespan, but that is not all. She can regenerate from deadly wounds almost instantly including consecutive shots to her head.

She also had shapeshifting abilities which she had complete control over. She can turn into others, change her voice, spread wings, and even become a flock of birds. On top of all that, she had super-human strength, speed, and durability. With all that power and a perfect Mold baby to become Eva, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t ruthlessly pursue her goals. She’s so powerful, so why shouldn’t she?

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