Resident Evil Village: How To Get The Courtyard Key

Finding the Courtyard Key in Resident Evil Village was easy enough in the demo. All you had to do was go into the wine room upstairs and look inside a cupboard. Things are different in the full game. Now you have to work for that key.

The Courtyard Key will allow you to unlock more parts of the Dimitrescu Castle to further complete your vampire experience. And of course, to find all the angel masks, escape, and find Rose.

The courtyard key is hidden behind a contraption and the key to this is elsewhere in the castle. Here’s how to get it.

Get Chased Down To The Cellar

The room that the Courtyard Key will be in is the wine room, which is directly up the main stairs found within the foyer. However, you can’t do anything here just yet. Instead, you must take the Maroon Eye ring you found when you first entered the castle and take a right, instead of going into the wine room.

Down this hall will be the carved door that has a missing eye. If you played the demo, you know what to do here. Inspect the ring in your inventory and remove the Maroon Eye, then place the eye on the door. This will cause trouble in paradise.

  • When you open the door, one of the vampire ladies will spawn behind you.

All you can do is go through the door you just opened and keep running until you can’t run anymore. You’ll find yourself in a changing room where there will be a small, boarded-up wall at the back. Break through this and jump down a hole to escape the vampire. You’ll now find yourself wandering a dark and dank dungeon.

  • Past the prison cells, some decrepit, smaller enemies will spawn. There will be around seven at the least.

Once you make your way past them, the same Dimitrescu daughter will find you again. Run through the maze of barred doors until you reach a room where she jumps on you.

Defeat One Of The Dimitrescu Daughters

This is your first little boss fight in the game. It’s where you learn that the three daughters are weak to cold air. During the cut scene where she jumps onto you, Ethan will have already broken a window and the fight should be a piece of cake.

Once you’ve defeated her and collected her crystalized remains, keep going forward. This is where you’ll find what you need to get the courtyard key. If you backtrack a few steps, you’ll find some ammo you probably had no time to grab.

Take A Bottle To The Wine Room

The next room after the mini-boss fight contains a lot of cut-up meat and other things. In front of you, at the center of the room, there should be a pot or bucket full of blood with a wine bottle inside it.

This is the infamous Sanguis Virginis. Take this wine bottle with you to complete the puzzle inside the wine room.

Place The Bottle Inside The Stand

Make your way out of the cellar by either continuing forward or backtracking completely. Continuing forward should bring you to the dining room with the locked Courtyard door.

Go back upstairs into the wine room which is, again, directly up and across from the staircase.

Interact with the golden stand at the end of the room. This will open a secret closet space that should have some gunpowder to your left and a little box to your right.

Inside the box is the Courtyard Key.

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