Resident Evil Village Is The Best Performing Game In The Series On PC Already

Resident Evil Village has only been on Steam for less than a day and it’s already outperformed all others in the series by a significant margin. Its all-time peak is 77,443 as of writing this, 50,000 more than Resident Evil 7.

That being said, the series has been on a steady incline ever since Biohazard’s launch, with the remake of the second game garnering 74,227 players at its peak, while the third game’s remake dipped just a bit lower, standing at a still-impressive 60,000.

The current formula seems to be working for Capcom as the IP has managed to pull back from the stigma it waded in with the more action-packed Resident Evil 5 and 6. New games follow the first-person approach, with Village splicing elements of 7 and 4 together to create an action-packed survival horror, while the remakes offer that third-person, over-the-shoulder gameplay.

Currently, you can buy Resident Evil Village & 7 together, including Re:Verse, for £64.99. Or, if you already have 7, you can nab Resident Evil Village Deluxe Edition at £58.78. As of writing this, it has 1,237 reviews on Steam, with a Very Positive score overall.

In TheGamer’s own review, Jade King said, “Resident Evil Villag feels like Capcom’s Greatest Hits album. The seventh installment of the survival horror series was a bold and inventive step into new territory, while this next adventure takes that formula and slathers it in archetypes that have defined the series for decades. In essence, this is a spiritual successor to Resident Evil 4.”

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