Resident Evil Village vampire Lady Dimitrescu is 9’ 6” tall reveals Capcom

Capcom has acknowledged the unexpected popularity of Lady Dimitrescu, as the game’s art director thanks fans for their support.

Following a year that has seen such unexpected hits as Fall Guys and Among Us it’s clear that you can never predict exactly what is going to take the internet’s fancy. Resident Evil is always popular but who would’ve expected the most popular aspect of the new game would be an almost 10-foot-tall vampire lady?

Although the character in Resident Evil Village is called Countess Alcina Dimitrescu many fans still just call her ‘Vampire Lady’, although until now it’s not been entirely clear if she is a vampire or exactly how tall she is.

Responding to fan excitement around the character though art director Tomonori Takano has revealed that she is 9’ 6” (2.9m) tall, including her heels and hat.

The two remakes, especially Resident Evil 3, took themselves unusually seriously but, especially after playing the Maiden demo, it seems as if Resident Evil Village has just the right mix of shlock silliness and genuine scares.

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