Returnal Update 1.3.6 Drops Today And Gets Rid Of Save Corruption Bugs

Update 1.3.6 is coming to Returnal later today and aims to fix the save corruption bugs, and put into effect the changes that were supposed to come with an earlier update.

Housemarque released a patch for Returnal earlier in the week that was intended to make several changes to the game, but it ended up corrupting players save games. Because of the issues, they had to release another update reverting the game back to its original state so that fewer players were being affected by the issue.

Following these issues, Housemarque has now announced that patch 1.3.6 will fix these save corruption bugs, alongside making numerous smaller changes. Housemarque also confirmed through a Tweet that Returnal’s 1.3.6 patch will release at 11:00 GMT/ 12:00 BST/ 04:00 PT and 07:00 EST.

The patch notes indicate that the update will also fix issues with the pre-order suits blocking items and doors, fix incorrect healing behaviour and fix controller mappings. The patch will also bring in numerous minor fixes to the game that are currently unlisted. The changes that were originally made in Update 1.3 will also be coming back to the game, according to Eurogamer.

Housemarque once again warned players to turn off auto-update on their PS5’s if they didn’t want to lose their run progress. Players have previously reported losing progress on runs because of the auto-update function restarting the game, and since Returnal doesn’t have an auto-save function closing the game essentially resets a run completely.


The lack of an auto-save function is exactly why the save corruption bug was such a big issuer for players. Returnal already doesn’t let you carry much over between runs, so the small amount of progress you make is pretty important.

If you’re just starting Returnal and wondering how best to make progress, we’ve got guides for several aspects of the game. For early game players, we’ve got a guide to beating the game’s first boss Phrike, whilst players later in the game might be wondering what exactly the house is for and what you can find in it.

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