Roblox: How To Store Fruits In Blox Fruits

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Blox Fruits is a game on Roblox that allows you to become a pirate or marine, sailing the seas while looking for secrets. While exploring the vast ocean, you will come across fruits that can be to give you unique and powerful abilities. These are known as blox fruit, and can give you powers ranging from bomb-throwing to transforming you into a dragon.

There are several types of fruit, but you will only be able to use one at a time. Fortunately, there is a way to store blox fruits. In this guide, we are going to take a look at how you can easily store your blox fruits for later use.

Treasure Inventory

Blox fruits cannot be stored in a regular inventory box. Instead, you will need to find a Treasure Inventory. This is a unique chest that allows you to store blox fruits, as well as Game Passes.

Treasure Inventory Locations

There are currently two Treasure Inventories in the game. Below, you can each location.

The first location can be found within the Second Sea. Here, in the Kingdom of Rose, you can find a Treasure Inventory in the Cafe.

The second location can be found within the Third Sea at the Floating Turtle island. On this island, you will find a Mansion that has a Treasure Inventory.

Treasure Inventories have a different appearance than normal inventories. You can easily spot them by looking for their white pattern.

How Does Treasure Inventory Work?

In your Treasure Inventory, you will only be able to store one of each type of blox fruit. Unlike blox fruit though, there is no limit to how many Game Passes you can store.

Once a blox fruit has been stored, you will not be able to drop it. You will still be able to trade and use them though.

That's all there is to know about storing blox fruits! Overall, it's quite simple once you make it to one of the two locations. For easy access, you can also set your spawn to one of these two islands.

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