Roblox: Where To Find Ancient Bones In Mining Simulator 2

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It looks like Rumble Studios has more and more content planned for their time-limited Summer Fair island in Roblox Mining Simulator 2. A recent update to the game brought along Season Two with new pets, a pass, eggs, a pickaxe, a backpack, and a brand-new ore to find and mine known as Ancient Bones.

Ancient Bones are an extremely late-game ore that resides within the mines of Summer Fair island. Once you obtain it, it can be sold for 950 tickets that can be used to purchase various goodies in the Event Shop or to hatch time-limited summer eggs.

Where To Find Ancient Bones

If you're trying out Mining Simulator 2 for the first time, or if you're in your early days of playing the game, you will have to do a lot of grinding to start thinking about looking for this ore. First, you must mine a million blocks to unlock Space Travel and get to Summer Fair island.

Once you've reached the island, start digging deep as fast as you can. Ancient Bones start appearing in these mines at a depth of around 1,360 meters. Once you reach the desired depth, you will start seeing dark blue Sand Stones, which is a sign that Ancient Bones ore is around the area.

Beware, though, these Sand Stones are stacked up to 60,000 blocks. This means that you will have to mine each one of them for a long time if you're new, and your inventory space will fill up fast.

If you're planning to look for Ancient Bones, you'd ideally want to find a mine where someone has already created a path below. You can follow this path as deep as possible and then start your own digging to save yourself some time and inventory space.

How To Farm Ancient Bones Fast

The developers of Mining Simulator 2 have removed caves from the mines, which, unfortunately, also means that a little trick to get an overview of the mine has gone with it. Still, there are various ways for you to make the process of getting these ores easier and less tedious.

Foremost, you need to buy the best tool you can afford. If you're a few coins away from buying a good tool, it is recommended to farm for that first. Once you have the tool, you can enchant the Ore Duplicator section. This allows you to get up to five Ancient Bones ore from one block at the maximum enhancement level.

Apart from that, try to get as many good pets as you can. Pets increase your mining strength and speed, which is going to be extremely helpful against the huge stacks.

Finally, you need to make sure you have enough inventory space by enchanting your backpack to ensure you don't have to make a journey to sell your stuff every two minutes.

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