Rock Band 4 Gets A Surprise New Free Anniversary DLC Pack

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the launch of Rock Band 4, developer Harmonix has released a new free DLC pack for the game. Coming out of the blue (and likely taking even fans by surprise), this new offering will include four brand new songs for you and your friends to jam out to…if you can manage to find the required accessories at a reasonable price.

Included in this pack will be “Run With You” by Radio Compass, “Stevie Sees” by Toad and the Stooligans, “Masquerader” by Ravi Shavi, and “SOME1ELSE” by Blame it on Whitman. Each band featured is a native to New England and was likely approached by Harmonix to be specifically included. In the past, the devs have done similar things with the bonus songs in both Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

More surprising than these picks is that Rock Band is even receiving new DLC. The support Harmonix gave the original three titles was astounding back in the Xbox 360 generation, but Rock Band 4 never quite took off in the same fashion. It wasn’t a total failure, but apparently the team never stopped churning out weekly DLC.

It’s hard to imagine there are any songs not yet in Rock Band, but I guess that’s what this free pack is for. If you’re still playing these games religiously, you can find the Anniversary DLC Pack on both the Microsoft Store and the PlayStation Network Store. Rock and roll is free if you want it, as the old saying goes.

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